-Starlit Night-

Like that one star, Lost within millions of others.

Man seriously my only idols and celeb crushes are Gackt, Misa Campo and Leah Dizon, seriously D: they all make me go >.< farrrrrrrrrrr then again they're all way out of my league -_- oh not gackt though cuz you know =/

Anyyyywhoo, goddam Tsubasa was an epic manga. Probably one of the best mangas I've ever read, could possibly top love hina. Meh guess I have a thing for plot twists and romance =/


If it's true, sigh....
Thanks Mr. Frankie..

Apparently there are meteor showers today o.o Can't spot any day, too cloudy here OTL
Had my first exam, 5 more to go =x
Fucked up so bad on English, spent like 1 hour doing the first essay, another hour on another, 45 on one, and 15 minutes on the last one -_- wrote slightly less than 2 pages for the last three essays D: also I heard if they're under 200 words they won't get marked at all..
Fuck. I doubt mine are, everyone wrote two and a half pages and I didn't even finish 2 pages for most.


lol fuuuuuu- 3 days left till exams D: and I haven't finished studying any topics xD
Brooooooooo getting so many distractions, study leave sucks the dick >.>
First DS, then music and getting my internet back, then street fighter lol
Bah, pray to the flying spaghetti monster to get me through the exams =3
Last minute studying has never failed me before, better not fucking fail me now =D 

Mehhhhh cbf anymore, tired of totally trying to understand others, everyone tries to make themselves an enigma. Sometimes I really wish they wouldn't. Wouldn't the world be so much better? Although I don't really blame them thinking that way themselves, the world is a complete nest of faggotory, but even with my complete lack of faith in humanity I still understand that there are still good people in the world, don't think others understand that really =/
Wouldn't kill to trust once in a while, hell do I really seem like that bad a person either?
Guess theres lots of two-faced people in the world too, meh I know a lot of them, I used to be one myself back in 3rd form with those three.
Meh, to be truthfully honest, helping people in my life has gotten me completely nowhere. I don't even know why I do it. I receive absolutely nothing in return over the long run, just hugs and 'ilys' and more attention for a while. Bleh doesn't mean I won't stop helping people though =/ It's just something I fucking do and can't get rid off.
Fucking rage though, wish I could stop, though I can say that I've been helping people to a lesser degree over the years, unless they're important to myself lol 
Rant over =3

lol tried to shuffle to hardstyle, kinda not suited to it I guess =/ meh prefer hard trance anyways xD
Ha.. uneventful day today, got raped by vaginaman at sf3, jinxin just pwned me with his makoto although I wasn't really trying, he seems to think he's better than me now or something =/
Still raped him over a few times before he said 'gg' with his makoto.
Studying ain't going too well, then again I don't think it's going too well with anyone, or it just might be me =/
Just noticed theres been a lot of break-ups on fb recently? Meh weird shit bro
Lol I can't wait till the exams are over > < free at last D:

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