-Starlit Night-

Like that one star, Lost within millions of others.

Started shuffling again <3
Love it so much, more so than popping =3
Anyway was randomly looking through class photos the other day, I wonder where all the primary fags are and how they're doing =x
Was fighting with brother and he uppercutted me >.> Hurt quite a bit surprisingly, never been hit in the jaw before =/ Opened a pepper box which exploded in mah face, been sneezing/sniffling for the past 6 hours now D:
Anyway, pretty uneventful day, Saturdays ftw though =3
Halloween today too D: do not want fags knocking on mah door.

Dunno what to talk about really, though kudos to Frankie =3 he's awesome lol
Listening to problems is so underrated =/ I'd had my fair share of lunchtime innuendo to last me three lifetimes =x Wow that made me sound like an emo fag o.o
Anyway, exams coming up soon, so not keen >.> haven't started studying either xD
I've got to learn to stop comparing myself with others, just makes me depressed D:
Though I probably will never change amirite? -.-

 lol wow haven't felt this feeling in a while o.o Just need someone to spill shit to and get decent advice =P Meh don't trust anyone enough though =x they'll probably troll the shit out of me if I told them anyway, or anyone else >.>

Oh anyway, I just remembered this story from Fruits Basket, the World's Stupidest Tourist.

It was about the world's stupidest person on a trip, and because he was so stupid, people cheated him wherever he went.
During that time, all his money, clothes and his possessions were cheated away from him....
But the tourist was simply too stupid, so they just took all his things with a simple "Thank you for your help"
He even cried at made up stories and just gave up everything he owned.
In the end he was completely naked and he started feeling embarrassed.

So he went out into the forest to hide, But in the forest he met demons.
The demons wanted to eat him, so they come up with a skillful plan to cheat him.
Of course, the tourist fell for it and offered an arm, and leg.
In the very end, the tourist only had his head left. He even gave his eyes to the last of the demons.

The demon told him while eating his eyes, "Thank you very much, I've a present for you as well".
But that was a lie too, the so-called present was just a note that said "IDIOT".
The tourist was so touched that he cried at this.
"Thank you! Oh Thank you! so much" he said.
"This is the first time ever getting a present, I'm really happy, thank you so much!"
And tears just come endlessly out of his empty eye sockets
The tourist was left out in the wild where he silently died.

Ohay is that me? Cuz thats what I would've been if I didn't rapidly change my thinking.

'Cool story bro' amirite? =x 

Sigh.. ever had one of those days, that you were pissed off at someone but had no idea why?
One of those days at the mo.. Do not want. Guess I'm still paranoid, always wanting to know what people really think and their hidden motives. Guess that also makes me a dick to a lot of people.
Anyway.. decided to actually listen to all the right moves, it sounds so much better to me for some reason now. Mainly because I know what they're singing about, and can relate. They really do have deep lyrics. Guess even Ryan Tedder feels the same way sometimes =o

Visited Jordan for anniversary today,
Same as every year, one rose and a fanta.
Do want time travel power.

Inferiority Complex ftw.

First blog entry =P

4 Days till Halloween o.o not really looking forward to it, don't want fags and their parents knocking at my door =/

Nothing eventful today lol, just the usual stuff. Not keen for piano lesson tomorrow OTL going to get lectured by teacher for not doing any practise lol

School was the same, fell asleep during maths, free 1 hour of sleep ftw =]

Well first blog start I guess, boring life ftw

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