-Starlit Night-

Like that one star, Lost within millions of others.

lol tried to shuffle to hardstyle, kinda not suited to it I guess =/ meh prefer hard trance anyways xD
Ha.. uneventful day today, got raped by vaginaman at sf3, jinxin just pwned me with his makoto although I wasn't really trying, he seems to think he's better than me now or something =/
Still raped him over a few times before he said 'gg' with his makoto.
Studying ain't going too well, then again I don't think it's going too well with anyone, or it just might be me =/
Just noticed theres been a lot of break-ups on fb recently? Meh weird shit bro
Lol I can't wait till the exams are over > < free at last D:


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