-Starlit Night-

Like that one star, Lost within millions of others.

First blog entry =P

4 Days till Halloween o.o not really looking forward to it, don't want fags and their parents knocking at my door =/

Nothing eventful today lol, just the usual stuff. Not keen for piano lesson tomorrow OTL going to get lectured by teacher for not doing any practise lol

School was the same, fell asleep during maths, free 1 hour of sleep ftw =]

Well first blog start I guess, boring life ftw


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Murrays Bay, North Shore, New Zealand
Harlan, 1993.

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Don't really expect anyone to read this really, just a place to recollect my thoughts and stuff =P.

If you do read this though, guess you can be bored with daily life and life stories lol. Though I can tell you that my life is a bit more interesting than others >.>