-Starlit Night-

Like that one star, Lost within millions of others.

Last day of school today =o We had a half-day, all of us went down to KFC lol.
Lol when we were walking past mcdonalds on our way, there was an ambulance parked outside it with this chubby girl crying over her friend, who was lying unconscious on the ground. Pretty sure they were 7th form, could be wrong =x
Anyway these group of guys were looking at them too, hardcore white singlet fags, wonder if they had anything to do with it =o or just waiting for teh rape tiem.
There was a hot as 7th form with a short as dress too =3 she was looking from the staircase window of KFC building roflmao.
Anyway when we got in there it was epic awesomes, so many other fags in there, +20 more asians rofl, there wasn't enough seats in the house.
Lauren and her friends were there too =o did not expect.
Johnathan and his gf and shit were as well -__-
lol crystal and ritchie came along too o.o it was a pretty random experience.
Then went to James house and did shit, frankie's so hardcore on teh piano. And god james needs a new keyboard. And roflmao I locked myself in the toilet and couldn't get out.
His front door lock is fucking hardcore too o.o
So now 3 fags live on the street, all the houses there are so hardcore D: I wanna live there.
Bought an l&p on the way back lol was niec =3
anyway, best KFC meal I've ever had in mah lief, ultimate burger combo owns =D

long post is long/


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