-Starlit Night-

Like that one star, Lost within millions of others.

Hmm a friend of mine bought up a very good point today =x
She sent me a link to a facebook group of 'You've Been Going Out 3 Days, You're Not Fucking In Love'.
I agreed with it and liked the group at first, but then I thought, wait aren't I like that? o.o
I've said ily pretty early when I dated girls, but I guess you could say I was in love before I asked them out? o.o But then again how do I know I'm really in love then =/
Confusing shit is confusing, can't tell the difference between like and love -__-
Even googled the shit, apparently if you think about them like everyday, change when you're around them, and feel really nervous and stuff around them then you're in love.
But then wtf, cuz I feel like that around most girls that I like? Or maybe I'm just in love with everyone -_____-
So maybe my emotions are all fucked up =D
Speaking of which, it seems that I've lost all ability to get angry >.> Things/people that would normally make me rage at them only piss me off now =/ Only person who can manage to do so is my mom rofl, but thats a different situation xD
Aren't I just so fucked up? =3


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