-Starlit Night-

Like that one star, Lost within millions of others.

Today was a random day, cloudy and rainy =x
Nub seniors which are leaving this year all chucking water bombs and flour at each other.

Some faggot threw yoghurt into a crowd from behind, and wtf it got on me wtf /rage.
Turned around and saw him sprinting into the fucking auditorium D=<

Meh would've chased him if there was a place to put my bag -.- fucking rage
Anyway in eco today beat matt and will at arm wrestle woot =D, wtf korean girls in front of me learning chinese, they lol'ed at me o.o tbh first time I saw lauren laugh so wtfs =3 pretty cute tbh >.>
Leo appears to be some fighter wannabe, or he actually might be =/ that muay thai move looked pretty accurate tbh, reckon ploy could waste him though rofl.
lol I shouldn't have spent that period on the internet, now I'm stuck on my internal with not idea what to do xD
And I still haven't started studying =3


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